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1. Beatniks Ass

[verse 1]; Working to the top it can kill you still; It can send you driving, deep into the cold hard ground; Spinning, spinning and running all around; like you just can't stop; Never stop to smell t...

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2. Because

There's no one near 'Cause they're hiding behind their fears; In the crouched position, I make my stand The trigger melts with my hand; And it's no longer a part of me That's why I do not flee; The ma...

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3. Chalk Marks

[verse 1]; Gotta' get you on the run Show you what you gotta scrap; Afraid of her shaky side Where the grass just doesn't grab; My life is overflowing, it's feeling feeling good; Last time its overflo...

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4. Feel Good

[verse 1]; I had a round with emotion, a round with devotion I came out winning, I came out losing; I didn't know which way I wanted to turn Until I turned inside; Didn't know which way I wanted to go...

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5. Get Up And Ride

[verse 1]; There's trouble brewing in the Middle East; Seems like for thousands of years; People down there living in a blood feast; So we send in Marines with peaceful guns; Pulling in, pulling out; ...

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6. No Way To Be

[intro]; Red streamlined receiver on the brink, no time left to think; It's on the edge of time, on the edge of fire; On the end of the firing line; [verse 1]; Red streamlined receiver it's on the bri...

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7. Ready To Roll

You smell like a field; Cow-shirt in midsummer sun; I must have been mad; But I gave you all the bread that I had; Your mother's a freak; She made me weak in my knees; You're under her thumb; Why don'...

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