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Letra da Música Giving A Finger de Human Ground

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Reach my hand!
I won't let you fall again
I will give you everything you need
Do you want to live in fame?
Or do you want to stay as you were forever?

Sucking and licking their feet
Worming and crawling on your knees
But with me you will be the king
Living your life you wanna live

I won't lie
You will be most satisfied
All you have to do is sign this paper
In return I won't ask much
And I will get one thing I need

...or you're...

Feast with me, burn your throat with liquor
Take all three, make them moan and scream
Live... Enjoy... Rule... Command...
Love... Hate... 'till the day you die!!!


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Número de Palavras 100
Número de Letras 632
Intérprete Human Ground

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