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1. Can A Prophet Be Wrong?

The blaze of a candle is stretching itself; Like a flower that sees the sun; Oh please come back - the bliss I felt; Can I find myself from the scum? [chorus]; Blessed with the faculty; Chosen by the ...

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2. Carrier Of The Remains

This one was born on a rainy night; With the intention to save the world; Clear in his blood and sight; He's the one who brought us the faith; When we're all gone, you're on your own; With our thought...

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3. Down To The Roots

Going down to the roots; Visiting the place under; Passing through the levels of time; Seeing "gods" in dirt; At the gates of deepest fear; Cold will tear you apart; It hits you like a spear; All you ...

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4. Evening

Slowly I open my eyes; Nothing around me has changed; The darkness is the same; And there is no-one else; [1st chorus]; All I know is now it's evening; Another endless one; Makes my mind feel so exhau...

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5. Giving A Finger

Reach my hand! I won't let you fall again; I will give you everything you need; Do you want to live in fame? Or do you want to stay as you were forever? [chorus]; Sucking and licking their feet; Wormi...

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6. It Grows Deep

Forcing yourself not to let it out; Will save you a moment or two; Buried deep down inside; It has been silently growing; Sharp as a razor blade; The inside will come outside; Blasting through thin ai...

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7. Love Song

Sometimes I wish you were dead; Eyes closed, lying in bed; Sometimes I wish you were dead; Stone cold, covered in red; You're lying in my bed; Nice view; That's how I like you; What a nice view; That'...

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8. Read Between The Bones

Mass destruction, brutal death; Deep holes are filled with bodies; The hand that leads or takes their breath; Even a single nerve doesn't move; Evil has taken the land; Every soul shall die; Smell the...

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9. The Black Rainbow

The bride was fair and frankly sweet; The rising moon started the feast; Don't tease the dragon, let it sleep; You shall regret, time to retreat; A wise man warned you didn't care; An angel called you...

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10. Waiting

I'm lying inside a cave of lies; Waiting for you to make me true; Make up your mind and I shall rise; To bring you gold and jewels; I am the one to load your gun; I am your name, your life and fame; [...

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11. Wars Won't

Too soon you rejoiced, says the drunken voice. The bliss was too premature. Come down from cloud nine, no reason to fly high; The waters that flow are not pure; We dwell with the mindless; But we two ...

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12. Wrath Of Ages

Forget what you will; And wash out the stains; Follow the thrill; That flushes your vains; When storms stand still; The calm still rages; Still seeks for the kill; My wrath of ages; [1st chorus]; Torn...

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