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1. A Good Man

I am a good man, never committed no crime; For I am the tool of the eternal will; Consolation for my bitter task; Lies in redemption of the saint's eternal life; Your life is over now; For I brought t...

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2. Atheist Jihad

An army 's coming; Yet unheard of; Countless legions; Built in the shade of disbelief; The agnostic army; Strikes their wardrums; Sounding horns; Of knowledge and discovery; Hear them marching; They '...

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3. Blood Stained Perfection

Words sharper than razors; Can pierce our skin; Causing rage to burn; And fester within; Things could be perfect; As they should've been; Things could be perfect; As they will again; Blood stained per...

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4. Breaking News

At some point in time and space; No further than a shadow's depth; Yet also galaxies away; No later than your next blink; But hidden deep in past and future; Things are being set in motion; Events unf...

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5. Crimson Tears

Here you stand again; The walls are closing in; Numbness flowing though your veins; Relief of horror is the pain; The lord of torment rules alone; Summons you before his throne; He demands your sacrif...

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6. Downpour

I wake up in this pain that runs from my head to my feet; My brain, the dumb source that poisons what I feel; I lift my head to the pitch-black sky above; Drenched in the rain that ain't about to stop...

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7. Radiation Damage

Crash course in advanced weapon technology; Solve one Manhattan Project in the idea of bread and games; Add poppy seed extract; Boil heavily; Allow to incubate; Sit back and watch; Makes enough for al...

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