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1. 2 Your Heart

If I cried u a river, Would that tell u thatI'm sincere? Cuz I tried 2 deliver, But I still fell of making it there, 2 your heart that is... When I let go, That's when u know I'm donefrom this holding...

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2. Don't Look Back

Why did u tell me, u told me more than i'd want 2 know; and how could u take 4 granted, all that I gave, then u wanted more; Pre: tell me y, y'd u have 2 go on this way, tell me y, I've no choice but ...

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3. Golden Years

So cold & homeless, all alone, shadows wandering aimless the sirens crying through the night the streets are getting reckless; Pre: No need 2 fear when we were hand in hand, no time 4 tears in this pr...

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4. Heaven On Earth

The way that u make me feel, I don't know how 2 explain, so innocent, so divine, u shine on my darkest day. My days of despair have gone, ; they've faded2 mere memories, I pray that Iwon't wake up fro...

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5. Holdin' On

In your eyes, I can tell something's gone away, was it something I said, they say love will return if u let it go, I feel we've been misled, lead the way, ; cuz as usual, the ball is yours 2 deliver t...

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6. I Wanna Go Home

Staring up 2 the sky, wond'rin y I cannot, I can't get over u all i've said, all; I've done turn 2 pain and anger, There's not much left 2 do, ; Chorus:; I've been walking the lonely streets 4 some ti...

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7. I'd Rather Have The Blues (than 2 Spend My Life With U)

I c you're lookin' 4 another reason; 2 bring me down again, u, don't have 2 try 2 hard lately, baby there's no sign, of it all comin' 2 an end, don't matter; If it's x-mas, new years or valentine's da...

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8. Jealousy

Through lies & deception, my fears r drawn 2 view. The harsh cold reality of my mistrust in u. My doubts have 4bidden the chance of felicity. ; It's not what u've done (but it is), can't shake this in...

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9. King Of The Nation

It's 4 o'clock in the morning, but who's paid attention 2 time, Life's been lately no more than, a suitcase, a coke, & a hundred dollar smile. Is this my final frontier, am I living out my destiny? U ...

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10. Lessons Of Love

The tears in your eyes, They tell the story more than words, But I've lived through the pain that follows. The smile on your face hasn't been real 4 so long, ; You're blinded by angust & sorrow, Take ...

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11. Now It's Time

I c your world crumbling down, it's seems 2 b going around, & now you're feel no real reason, no reason 2 live; Pre:; How many times have u heard; there'd b days like this? how many lines can u really...

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12. Outside Looking In

Where do u go when there's nowhere 2 turn? I'll show u cuz i've been there. Howdo u know change is not far away? the signs r everywhere; Chorus:; U head for disaster, your life burning faster, you're ...

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13. Salvation

I've seen more pain in my lifetime, I've lived thru anger time & time again & seeking retribution, ; Now it was the name of the game. There've been those who've tried 2 bring me down, But somehow i've...

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14. Vows In Stone

If I told u 'bout life as I know it, would u take it all in or bestow it, cuz I've seen a lot then I've seen some more, we sit around & try 2 comprehend, try though we may we don't understand, where d...

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15. Without U

Do u recall the way that u made me feel? some memories don't fade away. Do u recall the days we were joined as 1? I do believe love's gone astray; Chorus: Now I'm all alone and though I try, my will i...

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