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1. After All

Is this for real? Sometimes I can't see the diference; between reality and dreams; Is there anything that matters? It seems I can't measure the value, the; value of things anymore; It's so confusing a...

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2. Astray

There he goes walking away; Leaving his problems astray; All those things he cared so much; Don't mean a thing; They're thrown away; How could he leavr? How could he forget? But he did, there was no w...

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3. Gotta Keep You

I hear your voice, you're calling; I know what you'll say, I'm sorry; But I want you to understand how much I; care about you; And how much I need to be always there, close, around you; Don't stay awa...

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4. Hey Dude!

Hey, hey, dude! What are you going to do? Come on, let's listen to some tunes; RG and Hülk; Are playing later on; We're going to a punk rock show tonight; Everybody will be there; We shouldn't miss th...

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5. Pointless

Felt like writting a song, nothing's left for me to do today; But time to waste, life's getting simpler, and yet complicated; When I think I'll have one more time, it's becouse I'm running out of it; ...

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6. These Songs

There's a story I always like to tell about; love, about love (you and me, you and me); The best love story of all, the story of our lives; Our love and kisses (you and me, you and me); I won't get ti...

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