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1. Apology Letter

Just wanted to tell you a few words, and they weren't empty; I liked you, and it hurt me everything hurt when it was about you; I kept it to myself, and didn't realize how bad it was doing me; My self...

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2. Be Well, Be With Me

I'm hiding and looking for you; I see you dancing, you are so beautiful; It's all I wanted; We go through the same things as children; People judging and despising us; Trying tô drive us crazy; But I ...

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3. Don't Make Me Cry

Why do you live in my thoughts? With every second that passes I think of you; But everything I do, everything I hear, everything I see leads to you; Your face wanders in my memories; Looking at your p...

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4. Go On Without You

When the sea is rough, you who calmed; When my strength ran out, you were my stronghold; And when I was groundless, you who held my hand; I know we hold too tight; And now there's nothing, there's not...

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5. I'm So Sweet

I'm so sweet; I'm so sweet; You tell me, that I'm so sweet; My honey is good, satisfies your will; I drive you crazy, your pressure increases; I smear your heart, I have sugary hands; Like a bee I go ...

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6. Now I'm Drowning

I sailed as much as I could with you; You were the captain and I was just a sailor; In search of a love that never existed; I let myself take your lips, in your embraces, in your footprint; Honey, I h...

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