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1. All For Nothing

Don't you go down without a fight; Don't you forget what stayed behind; Stay strong, carry on; You'll see our kingdom burning; If you fall, it was all for nothing; Give meaning to our sacrifice; If no...

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2. Battle For Asgard

Battle for Asgard; Axes, shields, spears and swords; Victory will be ours; Viking ships crossed the sea; Now we fight, fight for Odin; Battle for Asgard; We will march, kill and bleed; Victory, bleed ...

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3. Capture Of Fenris (by The God Of War)

Fenris the giant wolf; Would soon devour all of Asgard; When Tyr took him for a walk; And a challenge of strength; The strongest chains ever made; “Can you break them?”; The beast was bound; By the ar...

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4. Thor In Jotunheim

Mighty Thor and his companions; On their way to Jotunheim; Came across the giant Skrymir; In his glove they spent the night; “Come on fellows have no fear; The sun is high, my land is near”; And so th...

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5. Viking Funeral

So bright that light shines from him; Loved by everything and everyone; “Mother I have Been having; Nightmares every night; I dream that I die”; Nothing hurts Balder; Loki found a way; And from the fr...

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