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1. Bottom Of a Dream

A little luck running by my side; I circumnavigate the alibis; It's easy, it's easy; I think of where I was when I left town; Gave up everything just to get out; Well it's easy to see that I swam to t...

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2. Don't Be Fooled

It's not a game I take lightly; For nothing is gained; The song it is never the same; And we could lose everything; It's the move so subtle; The light never fades; But somehow it's further away; And w...

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3. Friends Of Mine

Wondering where I've been; Been watching the sun go down; Took care of everything; And now I'm back around; I finally got it sorted; You've heard it a thousand times; And you can check that story; You...

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4. Ignore That Call

They're just names and what of it; You play the game and you call it your own; And you won't recover; Until you know that you can go it alone; And it's the fear that drives us; Reaching down when we'v...

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5. Lost At Sea

Lost it all; I've been lost at sea; Of the coast of eternity; Seems to me that I've been gone a long time; The trouble is, the trouble was; Cross the line and just because; Turn around in the wrong pl...

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6. Lucky

You know you're a lucky man; Fortune has smiled again; You're still walking the planet; You know you're the lucky one; You should have been done by now; But somehow you've managed; And lucky don't sta...

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7. My Mistakes

If you count all my mistakes; I would have to walk away; I just could not take another yesterday; I've not the strength to fade away; Now if I admit defeat; Tell me what then will that mean; Will I ce...

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8. Puzzle I Am

Never settle down my baby; Never settle up; Just lock the doors; Drive like crazy; 'Til the wheels fall off; And you change my mind now honey; Reconfigured my soul; Disrupted my corruption; I closed m...

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9. Radio Plays

A long distance carrier pigeon; Flying from hollywood or hell; And nobody was really sure; Nobody could really tell at all; If it was my imagination; Or just my situation; And the radio, the radio mad...

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10. Reel To Reel

No way to complicate it; It's just how I feel; No way to overstate it; Hit playback and seal the deal; Nothing's gone undetected; Nothing to withhold; I was searching for the answer; It turns out its ...

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11. Sentimental Me

Yesterday came and went; Like any other day; And I closed my eyes; And I looked away; Yesterday came and went; Like any other day; And something's changed; And I can't explain it; And when the sun has...

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12. Surface Of The Sun

You may sit and cry; On this lonely night; Waiting around; Playing with fire; But it's alright; The best part; You ain't got to yet; You may not decide; If it's wrong or right; With your less than per...

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13. Ten Feet Tall

The way she walks; It's like she's ten feet tall; She's got a sound; Coming through the wall; She's got a vibe; She'll kick it down the hall; She's got the whole damn thing; Finger on the pulse; She's...

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14. Well On Your Way

Well I have kissed the stars and the police cars; And that little voice I choose to accept; And now I have turned around; And I have walked away; And quicken my step; Well you know that you're well on...

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