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1. Fuck Me Maybe

[Intro]; Uh, Fuck it; Don't call me though bitch; [Verse 1]; They never used to call back; Now don't call back; In revenge, whatcha call that? They never gave the the time of day; But now they praisin...

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2. Funeral (Feat. Afrojack & Twista)

[Hook: Huey Mack]; I like two things: women and good drinks; If I have that I'mma be alright; I don't know what tonight'll bring; but I know what I'mma think; If this was my last day and I died tonigh...

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3. Goodbye

I feel like I'm at the point of no return; I've seen too much hurt and too much pain; Too little faith and too much strain; I got big goals and even bigger dreams; Way beyond the point of reaching fam...

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4. Just Me

Yeah, I know I'm fly bitch; But they can never swat me; Maybe they can delay it, but they can never stop me; Put this song on replay, make a couple copies; I can rap so slow, and they don't gotta jot ...

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5. You Again

You know they say time is money; And money only buys you time; Whether we lose or win; We definitely lose our minds; I wish I didn't know now; What I didn't know back then; Here's a ticket to the show...

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