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1. Against The Grain

I'm asking questions time and time again; In a race that never ever ends; I'm waiting for a bus that never shows; I'm opening I gotta let it go; I'm searching for a place that don't exist; Need a map ...

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2. All of You

Stare at me; I stare right back at you; No we say we won't; But we know the truth; And I don't know why we try so hard; It's coming on; It's coming on; Your eyes say no; But then your heart lets go; S...

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3. Cast Out

I was cast out of the sunshine; Dragged to the dark by you; Left for dead but the judge didn't mind; Thought ya got away and no one knew; Well now it's time I get mine and you get yours; No need to fi...

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4. Chained

You were a hit & run; I never could've known; Beautiful and Bright with a heart like gold; Time ticked and I kicked the dust; From my eye; Your heart was a; Where the darkness lie; I wanna run from yo...

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5. Faster

So here it is, the place I knew would come; time to be lifted up and fight for the righteous one; there's a hold on me that I can't see but you know; I won't go down so easy; Better run... ; Faster no...

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6. Frameless

Have I ever told you that your smile is so warm; Have I ever told you that your heart, it leaves me torn; If there's a guide to knowing your ways; give it to me know, take me out of this maze; You say...

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7. In The Unknown

Down the range I look and see; Through mountainous trees and angry seas; Where I must go; Test the water take the leap; Hold on tight and barley breathe; Find what; No one knows; On my way out; I'll f...

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8. Rebel Route

I'm mean; Burn it on down if it takes the path from my feet; There's gold; Make it quick sell; Em thick trade in your heart & soul; There's no way I will ever do this; Give in quick; Just let it slip;...

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9. To You

I'm missing me; It's a tiny little piece but makes up everything; Don't let me be; Heavy with holes Yea I'm sold in your slavery; Locked myself to; You; You took this part of me; This part that I need...

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10. Weightless

Well it's fine with me; No don't go and drag; Their weight just let the bitter side be; Take your time and see; The smaller side of life can bring the day to your night; And lead to the endless deep; ...

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