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1. Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' Roll

We've been driving all around for years on end; Just playing rock 'n' roll across this land; Our pockets are empty ain't got a pot to piss in; But through the strength of the family we're gonna win th...

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2. Fight The Good Fight

From the factories to the fields to wherever darkness wields its knife; To the hearts of freedom beating; For those who have a burning deep down inside that scares them to death but keeps them alive; ...

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3. Jersey City Streets

Bringin a gun to a knife fight will get you killed; Walkin out the back door; Morals and rules only exist in the street; And the bids to buy them are going fast and large; Survival, Jackson, is a full...

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4. La Famiglia

Every night when i get down on my knees i thank the man upstairs for my family; Cause so many nights i don't think i can last any longer; But through the strength of my family i stay strong; We all go...

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5. Labor Day

They don't need you around here anymore; They made all their money now they're closing up the door; You should feel lucky that you've had a job for so long; They say you should have saved while you we...

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6. Latin Knights

Esteban sinkin' into the heart of the barrio; He ain't got no money all he got are the clothes that are on his back; Two cigarettes left can't afford a pack; He's been alone since he was about six; Th...

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7. Little Bit Of Faith

They drove out of town at three in the morning - hellhounds on their trail; They were low on gas, the hounds were gaining fast, but they just didn't care; Had to reach the promised land by the end of ...

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8. Never Compromise

You're either with me or against me, either way is fine with me; I ain't lookin for no trouble, but I won't back down cause fighting comes with integrity; People are always putting me down, they say w...

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9. No One Gets Left Behind

Honor, integrity, uncompromising determination rarely exist in today's society; Its been a me-first generation for far longer than any of our eyes should have seen; No matter where you are in any walk...

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10. The Right Way

Sometimes I go out driving, most of the time I got nowhere to go; I'm 33 years old still running for my life, maybe its time to go back home; Safe and easy sounds so good sometimes, maybe it won't lea...

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