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1. Bridge Over Troubled Squatter

All day you sit around, you lazy bumbaclot, and spend the whole time vegetating. I'm out here workin' while you're jerkin' on your gherkin. Your opportunities, you sit and let them rot, and waste your...

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2. Chatterbox

The time has come to ask you "have we met"? We must have from the way you talk shit on the internet. Saying things I never knew about myself. Now I sense a destiny: your ass and my size 12. I know tha...

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3. Deoch An Dorais

There's Murphy's, Harp and Beamish, Kilkenny and some more. But I know what I have to do when I'm in the liquor store. I reach up on the highest shelf and grab those big, black cans, And then I know t...

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4. Mass Appeal

I’m the one that’s out of step, I guess I’m the freak, Living in a nation where the chic all look like junkies. I find your skin & bones funky. I want a girl with something in the trunky. But if dimen...

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5. Night Of The Living

We're zombies who reclaim this rotted wasteland of a scene. It once was fatty bacon but you made it 'Sizzlean'. A silly plastic world of kissing ass and dropping names. We never puckered up and wouldn...

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6. Ordinary Guy

I am just an ordinary guy, with a very ordinary life. I have a house and a kid and a wife. Isn't that oh so very nice? I get up to be at work by 9. Every month I pay my bills on time. I wrap my recycl...

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7. Skinhead Boy

Where you goin' out boy with your crew? Tellin' me you're havin' just a few; Here we go again, it's nothin' new; Taking off while I said "home at 2"; Here's a little message just for you; Silly rude b...

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8. Skins Don't Cry

I would say I'm sorry; If I thought that you would give a shit; But I know I drank too much; And now I'm just too tanked and lit; Don't want to chat about it, Blow your advise out your ear; So I get s...

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9. Sum Of 3

uch a tricky equation, my girl, between us 2. But I see a solution in the way she looks at you. So the fact I'm taken need not leave us disgraced. And this moment won't be forsaken and thrown to waste...

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