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1. Arkham, Dunwich

1 = armitage; 2 = marion; B = both; 1 she is our daughter, and we love her; 2 we want her happiness and joy; But here in arkham it is hard to; Find a boy. 1 even in dunwich it's a problem; Suitable la...

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2. Byakhee, Byakhee

1 = Asenath; 2 = Jill; B = Both; 1 Byakhee, Byakhee, fly me through space; take me away, far from this place; Byakhee, Byakhee, what must I do; to go for a ride with you? 2 Byakhee, Byakhee, now heed ...

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3. Carol Of The Old Ones

"The Carol of the Old Ones"; Look to the sky, way up on high; There in the night stars are now right. Eons have passed: now then at last; Prison walls break, Old Ones awake! They will return: mankind ...

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