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1. Can't Satisfy Me Now

I watched you disappear; Into a crowded gray line; You were shaking off the tears from woeful eyes; But you couldn't stop the shaking of your spine; When I was a boy; I used you soothe a cruel streak ...

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2. Lord Have Mercy

I caught a glimpse of your body by the river; I was alone and the sky went forever; I was the one that killed your father in the first world war; I once vowed to love your sister for a lifetime; Took ...

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3. Phantom In The Valley

My will goes cold, like a satellite; Marooned on a long forgotten world; Damn my eyes, I was mesmerized; As I watched the road to nowhere unfurl; I dreamed you upon me beneath that old moon; And a dir...

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4. Roll On The Rusted Days

Do you remember the good times? We used to hang em on the heavy days; Oh lord we was wild wind then; Our heads full of dreams and cocaine; Blowing through the ditches and city canyons; And into the sk...

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5. Self Made Man

You're a hungry man; Like the pacing curs down on the street; It's more than you can stand; Every small defeat; When you earn a silver dime; They'll call you a lucky man; But you made every kill; With...

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