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1. Back Of Your Neck

Steal a car on a dare; Dump it in the minow river; You think we're Bonnie and Clyde; But both of them fucking died; I think you're mid july; Smoke you in hot as a crack pipe; I wanna love you but we j...

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2. Beach Sluts

I don't even try any; more, cause i'm afraid and i'm too shy, I feel just like a ghost, haunting houses, riding on the other coast. ; I feel the same as i did last night, Lost all my sense, but i'll b...

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3. This One's Different

I don't care what you said back then; I just care what you say right now; When the feeling's there, it's there; When the feeling's gone, it's gone; But, for tonight, I scream "you're here"; For tonigh...

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4. Told You Once

Well I wouldn't have it any other way; Your body's fine but your mind is not ok; Well I think about some other day; My only wish is that you would stay; And I wish there was something I could do; 'Cau...

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