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1. Demonik Doll

Look here, what do you see? A little doll sleeping; She is living a nightmare; Wake up with the pain! She looks at you and smile; She haven't a soul; She needs yours; Leaving the pain in your face; Wh...

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2. Keep Me Away From You

Wake up, feel me; I'm losing all my goals; Stand up, call me; Waste your time on me; Don't let me play; This game with your hurts; Keep me away from you; Step down, and take this pain with you; Step d...

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3. Life's Conspiration

Detonates me; Putting me down; And destroys; My f*ck*n' soul; Life's conspiration; Is killing my life; Life's conspirator; Die! And I wake up; Leaving the time; This is called; Life's conspiration; Le...

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4. Not

Not, is equal all; In your empty mind; [tell me something...]; You're saying nothing with your mouth; F*ck you! You really don't know; Not, is your word; Not, is your world; F*ck you! You really don't...

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5. Scars

I'm not; Forsaking; I have no; [life now]; I'm still killing; In your mind; You have no; [choice now]; You wasted; Your time; Faking; [all time]; I'm rough; Set me free; Thinking most; In your mind; [...

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