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1. A Quiet Darkness

Well heaven rode my back; And the angels dragged my throne; Only yesterday; Only yesterday; I carved out your name; Only yesterday; I built you a shrine; On the side of the road; And I shut my eyes; A...

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2. Beginnings

When I watched the house; As it fell right to the ground; I was away from you; I was away rfom you; And I watched the birds; As they fell out from the sky; Into the hands of decay; I wish there was a ...

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3. Big light

I was stuck in the ground; Trying to cover my eyes; Trying to move all this light; I spent all night; Trying to remember your face; Like trying to get blood from a stone; But there was nothing to save...

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4. Carrion

And once; Inside your home; We moved through the glass; Like it was all we'd ever known; And once; Inside your heart; I moved through you now; As it shook the lights in the corners of the room; And on...

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5. Peasants

I've been praying on my knees; And my eyes are dirty pages on the street; And that bee sting on your heart; Won't stop the rain from coming down; Tonight in this house we drown; As I watch the stars a...

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6. Red

Find me where the summer hides a ride; And I'll spend a life with you; Til the red skies turning blue; And that's alright; Find me where the warm wind's coming through; And I'll spend these days with ...

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7. Sleeping

Fourty years; Sleeping in your car while he gets high; Long winter blows; Sleeping on the phone while you pass by; How long, how long; And how long will I wait; Before it's gone? How long, how long; A...

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8. Tenderly

Well I want; Somebody to hold me while I die; A prayer to keep the peace I hold inside; A potters field with rose petals strewn at our feet; And to beat the blessed Earth with our heart beats; So be s...

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9. The Beauty Surrounds

There's some gold; In my bones; That I told you about; So I'm pulling out my teeth and; Burying them deep under ground; There's some lights; In your eyes; That I follow about; But they're dimming quic...

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