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Not a light, not a real light
Coming out, moving thru the skies
Thirty years, walking night and day
In the road, I'm a bird of prey

Bringing it up, the sacred
Carry it all the way I will

Not a line, not a single line
Will be lost, will be left behind
All the fear, that will come in my way
Must be gone, on my knees I pray

Touching it, all the pages
Devotee, for the word I kill

The inner light
It is so bright
Holding myself inside the fight
He will lead me West
Thy force will reign

Within my soul
I bring the hope
The mighty eternal blood will flow
I don't walk by sight
I walk by faith
[End of chorus]

I can hear, enemies behind
Shouting out, they will pay the price
Use the word, under bread and wine
To control body, soul and mind

Out of the ground we're taken
Back to the ground like dust we will


Oh my lord, thank you for the meal
And the warm bed on cold nights
Time has come for the world to reveal
Holy war will soon arise



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Número de Palavras 162
Número de Letras 996
Intérprete House Of Bones

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