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1. Purify

Another chance to stay away; And the sun is fading; The time is running out; And it's complicated; Trying to seek a way out from me; Then trying to hide me from myself; I want to believe; God is with ...

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2. Rain Of Lies

The life has brought again; The same feeling about you; I won't stay awake; Being the same of yesterday awake; I choose the life, I choose to win; There's nothing left for me instead; The rain of lies...

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3. The Loneliness

Push me to the end, I know I'll still survive; It can't be worst than live this pain; The rules are still the same; I wander if you tried annihilating every dream; I still remain and the fear is gone;...

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4. Way Of Life

Working everyday it's hard to find a reason; To follow up my steps again and to believe; To sawllow up my pride, trying to justify; The meaning of this worthless life; Just not for me; Living one day ...

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