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1. 3rd Of July

There are things that I saw living inside you. Stolen fruit tastes oh so sweet; It?s not enough till we say it?s enough. It?s never enough we don?t know when to stop. It?s never enough we don?t see bu...

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2. Almost Life Like

Since youre gone I cant see clear, everything just turns to gray. Burning embers of our plans, catch the wind and sail away. Im living in slow motion now, going through the motions everyday. ; So I'll...

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3. Freeze

Faded pictures of lives we lived do you remember? One decision left everything frozen in time. Always. ; Do you remember, what was promised? Was it destiny to you? Was it heaven? You can?t see. All in...

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4. Lunar

I don?t need your air to breathe, it?s suffocating; me. Bounded by your gravity it?s pulling down on me. Will you set me free from your earth? Will you make me; stay? Atmosphere I breathe is much wors...

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5. Sakkara

Sitting in waiting, I?m lying there. I feel your fingers are bringing this gun to my head. All my cells are changing, changing in me. It?s just like everything I ever hoped it would be. ; I can feel y...

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6. This Life

Whats happened to me? Everything falls through. This can't be real. I can't tell no more. Please help me I'm falling. Falling under again. Feels like I'm drowning inside. And this is my life. ; It's o...

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