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1. Alone

you walked away i fell to he ground; will i ever get up again? i reached out for you you ignored the sound; of my head bouncing up and down; hapless noises that slide with me; remember the voices spir...

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2. Burn The Beautiful

i've drunk this moon this sky; from the final glass tonight; i breathe this air one last time; before we slip away; soak up the stars, wilted flowers; from the place i watched endless crumbling hours;...

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3. Gallery

I feel the eyes; All stare at me; Nowhere to hide; They see into my mind; Know they're alive; Look not glazed; Like he who died; In the picture frame; My photo too will be a ghost in time; Ugly though...

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4. Sapphire

everything seems much clearer now; i've reach the seventh sense inside my mind; i'm flying through space; flying through time; flying away from the sapphire; in the lunar sky; slowly i begin to feel n...

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5. The Joker

Children of the future speeding; Playing blackjack at a bent casino; And the Joker's standing at the door; Laughing at the world; The future was murdered at the font; The cradle of hope has died; >Fro...

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6. Twilight Eyes

I looked into your twilight eyes; I could see through your white lies; So I decided late last night; That it was time for me to die; Don't cry, not that you would cry; No don't cry I wouldn't cry for ...

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