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1. Allowance Of Sin

Ritual commence. the ceremony begins; Sacrament to secen of seven sins; Bearer of light, empower thee with pride; Unbroken by the wheel at lucifer's side; Rebel son spread to me your greed; Mammon bat...

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2. Endurement To The Heirs Of

Where worm dieth not andfire not be quenched; Shall my soul forever now in hell be spent; Removeth from me all that giveth cheer; So I may face then all the thing that I worst fear; Alloeth me to toil...

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3. Grim Reality

Once a time when lead afield; And left abandoned to fend; Let a pebble find a way; Weather washed the trail to an end; The young are callow; An easy lure fooled into fantasy; There's no return for the...

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4. Hex Of Harm

We ask the devil bring forth them pain; With sorrow and sighs and mickle shame; Willed to destroy all the habit hold; All the consorts and family that in fold; Little good shall come to fore; Of all t...

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5. Missing Girl

I see her walking all alone; On her way between her school and home; I see her as she passes by; Now I have the chance I'll make her mine; Suddenly she disappears; The reason no one is quite clear; As...

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6. Submissive To Evil

Succumb the will of foresee into temptation; Planets n dominion and elevation; Indulged in multitudes when in connection; Disturbs once aligned in this direction; Saturn conciliates mars; Venus assume...

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7. The Correlation

Broken cross by hidden hand; The reckoning of the watchman; The forebears of deceit; Prepare the order for defeat; Measure tragedy in markings; Masked within the hours to be; Calender of time the keep...

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8. The Gathering

Witches gather, devil's reign; Binding fasten, sacred flame; Under spell,curse or hexing; Power wisdom and protecting; Flicker fire as black candles burn; Ceremonial cauldron, counterclockwise they ch...

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9. The Ritualist

Driven by sinister provocation; Hidden in places they never knew; Psychological manipulation; Given them power over you; Luring you in with the lies; Part of an evil plan which they've divised; Once y...

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