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1. Colorblind

You're not afraid of me; And I'm not afraid of you; We're just strangers now; We're strangers who don't care; I feel up, upside down; (You're the one who's always talking); 'Cause I can't move on when...

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2. Hands On You

With my head in its hands and the world on its feet; I think to collapse but instead drink deep; Salvation is a disease that spreads along, spreads along; Would you show me... ; Show me how to burn; E...

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3. How It Goes

What've we become; We are so dumb; I said all the wrong things; Now you're using them against me; Did I sell myself; And my brain to a girl; That took me and drowned me; But I know it won't last forev...

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4. In The Unknown

Oh maybe I was wrong; But I can't see the things you see; If I've made up on my mind; And I told you I didn't care; Would it even change a thing; The last bee sting; But all these new friends of yours...

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5. Invisible

I remember when everything was calm; Now I'm thinking about chaos, chaos; I'm not dead; I'm not alive; I've got something that's on my mind; I said... "We're on our way to a better place; We're on our...

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6. Magazine

It's critical to be in; Critical to be in, to be in; Oh my God, oh my God... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Some other time, some place I can't remember; What it was I came here for; So when I set the fire; ...

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7. Neuro Girl

And i thought about this for a million years; Its not about me or my failures; And its so hard....when you're making it up; And its so hard...when you're making it up; She said that shes neurotically ...

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8. Nice Profile

You can count on me; For everything that you're feeling; And at the moment; I know it's everything you want; So don't ever withdraw; I can hear every word you say; Well I'm your shadow today; I won't;...

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9. Not Today

I'm calling... I'm calling you now; Yeah! I'm calling a traitor; Who's never lost a beat; Who's always killing me; Now we all know you got shot down; You got shot down; How does it feel to be shot dow...

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10. Rugburn

You peeled your clothes off like a scab; Then your skin met mine and... In a way, in a way; We are one; It's the way, it's the way; She wants to be done; Is it easy when you're feeling; Kind of like y...

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11. Say What You Want

there must be a problem coming near; cause thats when i come undone; i become a ghost and fade away from here; beyond all the same humans; pull me out pull me out; till im dry as a bull; say what you ...

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12. Tweaked

Every moment; Every moment; Everyone has a disappearing act; And it sucks because nothing is in tact; Sirens roll to charm you while bleeding; Like they care; I don't; I don't want to know; I can't; I...

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