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1. Modern Kids

Modern kids future freaks; Following media beats; Everything is on the screen; Can't find a space; The computer erased your heart; We are modern kids; Living through a screen; No need to scour the str...

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2. The Fantastic One

She is her essence when she does her entry; and everybody turns around to look with envy; she knows they criticize she knows they gossip; but she just walks across the room like didn't notice; Darling...

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3. To The Light

Please, help me to get out of here; I want to fly; I want to be a phoenix in the sky; High above the highest cloud; But i am scared that we could blow; So strong that it could throw me down; Like the ...

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4. Touch Me

Full moon in the city; And the night was young; I was hungry for love; I was hungry for fun; I was hunting you down; And i was the bait; When i saw you there; I didn't mean to hesitate; ; Touch me, to...

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