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1. Cowboy Song

Lately I spent my time with some stranger; In a darkened room cigarettes and wine; Maybe I trill away the best part of my life; In my bed a girl that I don't know the name; But baby I won't take the b...

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2. Night Of Sex

That's the way! When she walks on my direction; I know she wants a piece of satisfaction; She got the power to drive me crazy; She wants me just like a sexual slave; If she makes it that way; She gonn...

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3. Nothin' But a Whore

Yeah! Yeah, yeah; Alright; You're the owner of my rights and I can't complain; I'm so tired of you, you never gonna change; Now that I know your lies, I realized I don't wanna have a liar by my side; ...

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4. Sin City

C'mon! It's coming the night; And the sun goes down; And now it's time to scream out loud; The horror is inside; And it's calling your name; I know you're tired 'cause; It's always the same; I know yo...

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5. Sweet Revenge

My sweet, my sweet, my sweet, my sweet; Oh my sweet revenge; Yeah! C'mon! Another bastard in this world; For who nothing is enough; I'm not worth for what the love can do; Go to hell with dignity, I a...

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