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1. Coffe Cup

Coffee Cup; (Evandro Vedovelli); ; You see the posters; Isn’t it so good and so untrue? Another touch just for luck; Before you leave the room; Yeah it’s so cool; You have such a nasty style; Shaking ...

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2. Feel The Music

Feel the Music; (Evandro Vedovelli); I Get your hand and take you to the dance floor; The rain falls sweet here in the sidewalk; The night paints the sky and we spin around; They thought we’re crazy b...

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3. Morning

Morning; (Evandro Vedovelli); ; My baby; You wake in the morning; You’ve felt of the bed; Well my baby; You’ve felt so glad; The world was in your laugh; Cause the sun comes to touch her; And her lips...

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4. Sunshine

Sunshine; (Evandro Vedovelli); Sunshine; Lightin’ like the sunshine; Your eyes; Are just images in my mind; Now I got clouds; My sky is full of clouds; If I got the sun; I could have you in my arms; A...

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5. You Can Get It Now

You Can Get It Now; (Evandro Vedovelli); ; I open the window to imagine I can fly; I could leave my thoughts behind; It’s just impression or the clouds are moving; Too fast in the sky; Where are all t...

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