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1. Ashamed

Making stars out of ordinary people; Doesn't make any sense; And if you're that fascinated with the boy next door; Then why don't you climb over the fence; Big Brother, X Factor; I used to be a celebr...

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2. Chickens

All on my own and I just can't cope; I haven't seen a hot dinner or a bar of soap; Since you left me bereft of hope; Now all I ever seem to do; Is mope around my tiny little council flat; Nothing up m...

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3. Cocktails

Up on the Fifth Floor; Harvey Nics; Down to Claridges; And Trader Vics; Mai Tai baby or a Singapore Sling; Get your cards behind the bar and get the cocktails in; Follow me to the Match Bar; For Whisk...

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4. I've Met Jesus

Worked hard at school; Did all the right things; Got a job, got a car, got a girl; Went and got the girl a ring; Go to your church and sing your happy hymns; And you think your little Jesus that you'r...

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5. Prima Donna

I had to leave you; You didn't give me a choice; Surrounded yourself with Yes Men; To drown out the one dissenting voice; How can you call this a partnership; I deal with the iceberg; While you sunbat...

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6. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore

I am alone but once i was not; i've got a chill where once i was hot; i had a life but i gave it to you; You took my heart and tore it in two; Just a glimpse of your behind used to make my day; i didn...

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