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1. Hands Apart

Well at least I know for now that life is all they say it is; But I don't know how it will be; They say love is all you get before you die I needed change; I needed change; Cause I finally understand;...

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2. Strong Enough

Strong enough; Stronger feels so fine; Even though the skies are grey; Even though the days are blue; Even though we fade away? I know we can see it through; Because the rain will fall; And days will ...

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3. The Beach

How can one know; if the price is right; How can one feel; if the timing was right; How can one see; the choices that might; Keep us alive; and safe for the night; Cause I; I'm turning this over; and ...

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4. Upside Retrofire

You took away my sight; alone you left me here; Wandering without direction; And all that's left is pain; and days of asking why; now is payback time; Yeah! Yeah! Destroy and rewire! Yeah! Yeah! Upsid...

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