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1. Alayal

Aww yeah, The Hot Action comin' at ya 2003, Now what's it gonna be? Aww yeah, C'mon…; Beautiful girls do whatever they want, And fabulous hunnies get whatever they need, I see it when they walkin' and...

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2. Busted

Everybody knows trouble is easy to get; Burned out dealer to the teachers pet; For some fun there is always sex; Hiding in the corner like a shy t-rex; Mmmmmmmmmmmm..mmmmmmm; Around your home are the ...

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3. Club Slut

Chicka chicka ahh, Chicka chicka ahh…; You say you want you a club slut who got the big fat ass, The kind that got them DSL's and shake her booty fast, Well know this before you go to sleep at night, ...

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4. Dirt Bike Rider

nen nen nen nen ner ner... ; YEAH! , OH NO! , YEAH! , OH NO! I go riding through whoop-de-doo! Whoop-de-doo! Then I pull a wheelie,yeah wow! Then I do a table top, OOOH! Then I do a triple jump! YEAH!...

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5. Don't Want Her To Stay

Yeah yeah yeah, Yo every time she wanna do it like she want what I got, Maybe then we gettin' freaky but then maybe we not, You so hot, Wanna do it a lot, (Man this girl gotta go she's a head full of ...

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6. Doom Boom

Forget about the party shit's in Calamazoo, And I don't feel like drivin' any more than you do, We gotta house party over here in the place, With all the local honey drippin' up in my face, We gotta f...

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7. Face Around

Aww way back in the day when I was still livin' in Queens, Barely hip to the hopper Run DMC, Me 'n my baby Perez, Kickin' back with a six pack of Guinness, X-wing fighters flyin' off of the bus, Too f...

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8. Fever For The Flava

Do you think that I can get some (Chickie, chickie); Maybe gets a little finga (Sticky, sticky); You my electrical lip balm flava; I gotta do ya until the next song saves ya; And can I get a little zi...

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9. Goin' Down On It

Uh uh…; Wha wha? Zoom boom boom boom, Uh…; Wha wha? Uh uh…; One on one, Two on one, Three on one, Add one for fun! Ya gotta flicky flicky flick flick flicky flick yo tongue, Ya run it straight across ...

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10. In A Little While

Once in a good while, Ya might find somebody to love you, Yeah, Kinda like ya momma, Or ya grandmamma watchin' above you, Ooh yeah, I hope that you stay for the night, I've made the bed and I've saved...

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11. Samuel Jackson

yeah what's up? houuuuuuww! naa na na naa na na naa na na naa na na naa; ah aha haw aha haw haw ah aha haw aha haw haw; yeah here we go; oh, collision; i head on collision; a head-on on the story that...

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12. Show Her

She got me cursed like the Kennedies, I'm trippin' like a freak, Strokin' on her solar plexus, Tickle behind the knee, Giggle cause the vibrator, It make her wanna pee, Chickie chickie perculator, I s...

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13. St Tropez

I've got tastelss jokes; you've got whips and chains and; Tanqueray (leather and ice); we coherse and coast (give it to me now); Butterflies that float over; parade (give it to me); Carelessly I walk ...

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14. The Special

Oh well, From my parked car window on the passenger side, She be leanin' over to me tellin' me I can't rely on anything in this world, With the tear drops fallin' from her fake green eyes and the make...

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15. Why Judy

It's like it always rains when I run my brain, The chitter chatter's got me shattered, And I feel like I'm scattered now, I'm battered, Knocked down to the concrete, Because of cruising past that park...

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