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1. Alea Jacta Est

Action equals reaction; Be alive or dead nothing happens at random; If you really, really want nothing will hold you at the corner; The wall is just a place to rest; But when you’re pressed against it...

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2. Fast Motion

On a long highway; It’s where danger begins; At an incredible speed; I walk into the abyss; Time goes by through the window; And with it goes the clouds; That blocks all my vision; It doesn’t show me ...

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3. In Vitro

I feel myself closed; Inside a glass cube; Where the filth doesn’t let me see outside; I try to define what’s going on; But here inside I’m the only one; The man at the street corner; Was burned alive...

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4. Mechanical Man

See the men praying; Look at the women torturing themselves; See the children so serious; Look at their leader speaking; Telling them what to do; And the way they must walk; You have to eat this; You ...

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5. Sheeps And Wolves

Why destroy what everyone wants to save? They kill life in such a fast way; They think that life is like a game; Stop the game, stop the game; The game is over; Stop; Why do they come from their caves...

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6. Superfluous Existence

He’s everywhere; With tied hands; Perhaps because he wants, perhaps not; I think about what could happen; If he broke loose from his straight-jacket; And could use his arms; (Chorus); I would show him...

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7. The Final Judgement

The end is near; There’s no secure place; You cannot escape anymore; As the books say; The first sign is coming; No one knows when; But everybody is sure; Just waiting for the coming death; As the boo...

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8. The Universe Outside

Try to reveal your own secrets; Why are you here; Did you ever ask yourself why? Did you ever look at the sky in a rainy day? Did you ever dance with the devil under the moonlight? Madness is nothing ...

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