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1. 400000

I'm ripping these hands off my mouth; Cause it's leaking out; Bottled guilt that I cannot contain; For not speaking out, not reaching out; To those a world away; Comfortable as it seems I still shake;...

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2. Grayscale

The pact they made, I don't remember signing my name, The fact remains; I can hear them calling out to me…; Won't you save your sons; The social slavery you've endured? Cause it's unraveling (in me); ...

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3. One Face

Where are the ones that we voted for; Betrayed our trust then asked us for more; Two men - one face; And i'm tired of throwing faith; In those who prove; There is nothing left - to choose; I saw two m...

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4. Weighed Down

The things they celebrate, I tried to just escape; In the wake – THE WAKE; Of old friend’s assimilations; Followed by condemnation of me; I sank so deep; I nearly drowned; Weighed down; I’ve seen the ...

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