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1. And She Smiled

Do you find your kisses gone; when she kisses everyone ? Mmm...pretty, pretty eyes; didn't she take you by surprise ? She will lose you sleep; under horizontal command; She will kick... kick you, kick...

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2. Breathe Me

Yes.. please let it begin; I want you to smile within, Oh, a moment on the arm of wonder. What, what more can I ask, than for you to look at me, whisper to me, show me you'll be wrapped about me. Tell...

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3. Careful

Sunshine on your upturned face, Everything falls into place; Blue sky above, sand underfoot; The happiest I have seen you look. Sunrise stirs the low landscape, More beauty than your breath can take, ...

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4. Celebrate

Building brave new worlds and living great white hopes. Narrow-eyed and lean, a fearless legionnaire. I have never found the strength of my desire. You lived through extremes and struggled to survive....

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5. Finer

In an ordinary town, a chariot is pulling round. The local stud and beauty queen --; A small pond Venus and kingpin; Charging down the quiet Sunday streets. Shaved-head gangs are standing neon-lit. No...

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6. God's Home Movie

There's something I'd like to see; From God's home movie --; The story of the universe; And my baby. I'd see you as a child; Playing by the sea; Just like the stories you've told; From memory. I watch...

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7. Hold Me Now

And in these days within you, And in these nights without you, Can you feel a little of my despair? To say it's hard is easy. I say it's simple, really. Let us be. I know that we're meant to be. Hold ...

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8. Imitation

You could say that the end was beginning; From the first day when I was still falling; In love with a mystery lover, But the book didn't live up to the cover. Does it matter what the world thinks? Doe...

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9. Natural Law

Under the mantle of the stars, By the slow waves of the sea, On a bank of sand we fell; Like fruit from a laden tree. And in the morning, with the clean slate of day, You're the warm thought I have. I...

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10. Shake This Mountain

I've lost the inspiration; I went out west to find. Believed this pain and sorrow; Was out of sight and out of mind. No more love and understanding. One million hearts are set alight. When this life g...

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11. Sorry My Dear

Picture a prison in a darkened cell. Battlements and moat, A palace serves as well. Charmed and blessed, Your easy life. Daylight's gone, If sleep won't come; You scare yourself. Sorry, my dear, You'r...

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12. Sweet Thing

When I'm asleep I'm dreaming of you; When I'm awake I'm dreaming of you; Nights flicker with the stars that come down,,, Over you; Can our hearts synchronise, my baby ? Miles of distance come between ...

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13. Years From Now

Lights under the sky; Reminding me how; We'll meet again tomorrow. Imagining years from now; With the backdrop ever changing, We'd remain the only constant. I was fine trusting you. You were clever an...

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14. You Are

Do your damned, devil and deep blue sea; Take my hand we'll forget who we are, Be my strength, weakness too, Do your damned, how could I hurt you now; I've got to be where you are; Breathing you skin,...

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15. You Could Be Forgiven

Beneath the lights, the slease, the mayhem; Handome ads, and cool seduction. Everything is impossible and everything's so easy, Invasion of invented needs, Between the carrot and the stick. They fix y...

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