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1. Dimension Zero

Burn, i have to burn; Because my mind is weak; Insanity i feel inside; My heart turns to reek; Black, my mind is black; And my conscience disappears; Glowing before my eyes; They're closed, closed wit...

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2. Purity Of Sex

Dazzled by my emotions; " i can't love you "; Sex, love in contradiction; " i can't breath for you "; Seeking for my purity; " i just need your body "; At doors of insanity; " to use it as a key "; I ...

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3. The Rain

All this pain, all the pain i feel; Burning, scorching my dizzy heart; All your pain, all the pain they feel; Torment, tearing and torn apart; Comes from the heart; Heart of a planet; Pneuma against s...

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