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1. Broken Times

Look back and remember everything that passed; Broken times it's the only thing left for us; Forget all the opportunities that you missed; The game continues and if you loose; Stand up and keep walkin...

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2. Horizon Falls

I'm Still looking at the same old sun; The same from my glory days; Shining light that God created; And human couldn't domesticate; But we're like that; If we can't use; We turn our backs; We just don...

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3. Isn't The Time To Say Goodbye

Surrender yourself because i made my part; I gave my hearth but you smashed; And i'm falling apart; Into my mind i just think about us; But this is really what you want?(2x); Ow! The cards are set in ...

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4. The Exorcist

Scream for me! You are upon the table; With your eyes; Reading my mind; You are confused; And so am i; Don’t worry; You’re mine; Get a dynamite and explode yourself; Tic-tac your clock is passing...th...

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5. Your Deal

There's some people who don't know her importance for us; They only think of profit ways that she can offer; Break this fuck down! I hope you forgive them; If they caused to you some kind of pain; I’v...

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