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1. Dead And Forgotten

Dead and forgotten; Buried, alive; In a nameless grave; Rotting, forever; A genius and his mind; Dead and forgotten

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2. Dreams And Dying Eyes

Dreams And Dying Eyes; Glazed, serene yet vividly alive These eyes that stare forever blind Knowing, all knowledge kept inside Is mine ten fold, yours never to find * Upon midnight thunderheads roar D...

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3. Ghostly Mournings

Ghostly mournings; From my watchful spirit; Cries the final spell; To summon a new creation; Molded by my will; I the last remnant ghost; Tend the gardens black; Bearer of the manuscript; My sorrow is...

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4. Horde Of Worms

Horde Of Worms; Rising from the earth’s encrusted blackened soilPast the bones and root of the oldest willow trees Across the leaves and moss covered forest floor In the dawns early mists, waits the g...

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5. Into The Silent Land

Into The Silent Land; Time stands still On this melted plain Nothing is left But we still remain * Amidst the shadows Planet engulfing dust Suffocates the earth Until all is lost * Dark clouds rolled ...

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6. Sacrifice

Sacrifice; Locked awayIn a darkened roomMastermindOf a cruel demise*Working magicThinkest hePlanning fates handFor the ones he will see*She's disappearedThey all sayHe laughs hystericallyAs he bonds h...

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