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1. Dawn Of Invincibility

Dawn of Invincibility; Father and son divided to fall. Both of them chosen warriors betweentwo armies: Both must arm themselves swords buckled and chain mail. They ride and they talk, they stand befor...

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2. Forged Sky

Forged Sky; From beyond a call from the stars, in an age of stone and bronze, visions of the cosmos are given. 3000 years past the night sky was ours. Pleiades, begotten, portal to the heavens ancient...

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3. Funeral Winds

Funeral Winds; Infernal winds, cold and unwavering like a trumpet blast, the cry of the past. Sands of time, all that remains is erosion. Enduring time always there. So cold but calm, continuality a t...

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4. In The Path Of The Tyrant

In the Path of the Tyrant; Enthroned as a king of kings. Shadows of kingdoms beneath my sandled feet. My path shorn by wicked steel. ; Honor gained from an iron will and strength to match I am both ca...

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