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1. Call Me Sick Boy

Take a breath and tear it apart; See things crystal clear; And then scream against me; hurt me beat me; We were just joking like clowns; Handling life and letting it drown; "are you kidding me?"; I he...

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2. I Belong To The Skies

I look so cool from these heights and I feel it running through out my veins; I'm here again so stop to tell me something I don't care; But you're there waiting for the things I've never said; And I'l...

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3. Lastnights Goodbye

Open arms to reach my hands; I'm afraid I realized; I'm afraid u're gonna leave this place; Another way; to feel again and again; what gave sense to this; what gave sense to my life; this is the last ...

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4. Some Like It Cold

I tried to do my best; but nothing seems to be alive; cause everytime I speak; I see your walls falling; and now; when I come around you all are; on your knees; So, what can you say? did I fail? You k...

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5. Tempus Vincit Omnia

I'm trying to say to you how you will rise; Like a child freezed in space and time; You'll find the way to nowhere; I'm here, but don't mind; Do what you like; I don't want to see no damn brakes; Not ...

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6. Thanks For Coming

It's when i seemed to lose the only thing I care; I realized and saw its light in the night; I was beside a sparkling source of life; But sometimes I still see my death behind her smile; I'll be bette...

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