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1. A Timeless Depression

Hopeless Army - A Timeless Depression; ; These things that kill my days; Hauntin me everytime; This timeless depression; Freeze me inside; A hungry child is what makes cry; And when none cares; I feel...

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2. Meral

Looking through the; Windows of this life; I can see the; Past there is inside; What I see from; The scenes in front of my eyes; Is someone that; Always runs by himself; ; No support at all the things...

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3. One

This seems so odd; How you passed through that door; And easily walked by those rooms; A house that is the history of my life; [chorus]; As you walk inside me; I flow like a peaceful mind; I see how y...

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4. The Unique

Hopeless Army - The Unique; ; The taste of pain; Digs me inside; Suffering is not ment to me; To anyone; Could I find cure; Could you be my cure? [chorus]; When I try to find my way; Walking through w...

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5. Trust Betrayed

Hopeless Army - Trust Betrayed; How beauty is the scene of two little kids; Holding their hands so they can be safe; The true image of innocence; The true image of trust; The image that we lost; The i...

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6. Wasted Life

Wasted Life; ; Contorting myself; Squeezin' my eyes; This fuckin' headache; Let me reach that pill; I know this temporary solution will not leave me from pain; From a life wasted in tears of delusion;...

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