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1. About Money

ABOUT MONEY; Money is a disgrace; Money is bad; Money is the end; I don’t like money, because it came with the end; We have to learn how to alive without that; Sorry, Bush; Bur your words don’t will c...

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2. Believe

BELIEVE; ; Do you open your guns for what? Lonely for these; Crying every time for a few attention; My mind is not ok; Inside your soul I can see the true; And I trying alive without the love; We’re o...

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3. Blest

Blest; ; Sometimes I be boring; I guess; I become in the fear man; I have afraid of all; My secrets is so very stranger; And I so have one quality; Speaking like one dumb; But with the intelligence of...

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4. Pride Wound

Pride Wound; ; The treasures of the world; Stayed sub the sea; Lonely for the men’s; Who take this peace; And how you’ll come there; There nobody come; Much people try to do; Speaking like the dumb wh...

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5. Sons Of Liberty

Sons of Liberty; ; They aren’t good sons; They just have a dream; That dream has a lot of honor; The dream of liberty; I can see the Sons of Liberty; Walking for the streets; Crying around the places;...

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6. Time Of Change

Time of change; ; The world wasn’t change, war and hungry still exist; It’s time of change; all the things have to change; Look the world; we need a change, aren’t we? Time of change; In times like th...

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7. Time To Move On

Time to Move On; She goes; You’re alone in your flat; Eating something on yours hands; Let it go! It’s time to move on; You’re better than that; I can see you from my window; Why you stay at home? Dud...

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