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1. Better Off

Everything I know has left and gone away; So much for believing what you say; I feel my state of mind is really your mistake; The more I give the more you seem to take; My reality will never be the sa...

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2. Breakthrough

There's a word of kindness from you I've never heard; it; Nobody else with me, it's been around this lousy day; until it's perfect; Just you wait and see; ; refrão; Wow, wow, I'm gonna break through; ...

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3. Falling Down Your Stare

I misjudged what I meant to you; But now I understand; So won't you understand; It took my lies just to see the truth; So don't throw it all away; Because of my one mistake; We have come so far; But i...

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4. Feels So Good

I don't know how I lived my life til now; I was so frustrated; Full of questions, full of doubt; Patiently I waited til now, I never knew how; And it feels so good to finally be me; I was an open book...

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5. Fly

Every morning there's a dream; That's pounding in my head; A little louder than the critical words they said; I don't want to look back; On what I could have been; Every road I take will lead me where...

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6. He's Enough Reason

Wake him up in the morning sun; Looking forward to the day that comes; He can pick out the shirt I wear; I'll put a yellow flower in my long blond hair; Got nothing really planned today; But it doesn'...

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7. I Want Everything

I wanna believe what I believe; That someday the future hold for me; Something special is something you need; Somewhere over the ringdown; I wanna be that girl who was everything; I wanna wish that be...

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8. One Thing

My heart was up for grabs; You were the one with the hands; Liking me more than a friend; Leaving me dizzy and then; Then you started to treat me like; Someone you didn't like; Until you wanted to be ...

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9. Stupid People

Don't cry baby; It's no big deal; It's not like it really matters; How I feel; I knew that you would break my heart; I knew it right from the start; But I wouldn't listen to a thing; How could I have ...

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10. Top of the World

It's now or never; It's now or never; It's now or never; It's now or never; I can't get off this ride; It's going much too fast; Trying to keep my Kool-aid in; The bottom of a roken glass; Strap me to...

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11. Who We Are

Smile bright for the photograph; Don't show the world your better half; Too many times, time is wasted; Live your life, you'd better not be faking; We're soaked, don't bother mediocre; Time shares wit...

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