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1. Buddy In The Parade

I heard you were the king; You didn't leave behind a goddamn thing; Why did I look into the dim eye of the mole? There was no silence there many voices spoke; Thinking I died I tried to listen; I saw ...

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2. Happy To See Me

Trying to change my mind; About how everything went; When the historian on the radio said; There is nothing in the world more dangerous; Than a defeated army headed home, stay inside, civilian; All I ...

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3. Horseshow Crabs

Hey did you hear me, mom? Baby's headed home; Against your wishes; I went into the woods alone; Just look at my face; A vegetable beet red; I know you gave me money for the motel; But I came here inst...

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4. I Sae My Twin

I saw my twin working in a Waffle House; The first birds of morning cackled; From the graveyard. In walked; The entourage, Big Silver Bus; In the mountains; Her full hands leapt like; Fleas on a dog, ...

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5. Powerful Man

Sun setting on the street; Your dad told you not to look at me; Down came the fist hard upon your head; I was the only other adult around; I was the only other adult around; I was 18, you were 8, mayb...

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6. Texas Funeral

My son is waiting on me; And he, ain't a patient man; Go and get the sheriff; Tell him anything you can; (Just get him here); Burned myself on this cast iron panhandle; Long before you came; Love was ...

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7. The Knock

8. 45 A. m; The dream just escaped me again; Over breakfast I could hear you; In the garage building insects; I know that knock c'mon; I just put on the coffee; I know that knock; They wanna come insi...

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8. Waitress

Realized I knew you from; His photo when you walked; Into the restaurant; And my heart just sunk; Your friend looked over from the bar; She must've known, who I was; The worst possible version of what...

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9. Well-Dressed

Well-dressed, but walking; In the wrong direction; Louisiana; My disordered road always led straight back into you; Ha ha ha, goes the train; I wanted to leave but here I am again; Louisiana! I don't ...

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