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1. Different

Teach me please, how to get grown on a peaceful place. Every time feeling different even with my friends. We got a broken past to care. We never want do feel like jerks. ; But we begin from the furthe...

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2. Hoax Or Hero

Everyone searches meanings to their lives; Trust a god maybe in someone better, Delegating their faith to save the world, And this may help to find the way to hope, It’s how social mass behaves; Try t...

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3. Honest Suicide

Wake up your mind today; Stand up and fight against the grain; Your whole life has passed away. But memories remain. I hate this fucking bed. This cell is smaller than your head; Can’t remember when i...

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4. Slaps And Kisses

when it's like I'd take a break; think of some years ago , what we passed before; it's y turn to be the brave; and let the story go, now it's time to grow; Down there down; ten feet down I think you'v...

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5. Uncover The Fake

Why can’t I scream? This world is fake as penalties we pay; Overmuch, we’re so jaded; Meet, communicate, uncover the fake; Thou corrupt they infected. ; Though, we are. Approaching to our bane; Coz fi...

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