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1. Arms Still Open

I'm so sick of all these talks; About how good it was back then; About how everything has changed; And how you stayed the same; Today you're the only one left; But that's no cause to feel bitter; Ther...

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2. Best Of Times

every hour on the road we spent /; takes us closer to our friends /; smilin faces, stagedives and high-fives /; sense of delight in our lives /; capturable moments with nothing to lose /; solid ideals...

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3. Blink Of An Eye

sometimes life is so unclear; it's hard to choose the right path; confusion is taking hold of you; and you're looking for a light in the dark; don't let indecision rule your life; there is always some...

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4. Clear

this is a, this is; a commitment that I hold true; in the things I say, in the things I do; this is something I hold so dear; I choose to keep my mind clear; keep your poisons away from me; I'm gonna ...

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5. Eyes Wide Shut

EYES WIDE SHUT; can't you hear their screams at night? /; it's like animal's life is not a right /; they're suffering and dying, just for us /; how can we be so unjust? /; we try, we try, we try, we t...

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6. In The Cold

in these days, it's normal life to live on the street /; at least this is how we make the concerned feel /; shattered future, ruined dreams and no place to go /; left out by society, left all alone /;...

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7. Make It Through

why do we waste our time /; talking about our problems instead of trying to find /; trying to find a way to make a change we need to stop blaming each other with our mistakes /; stop to blame with our...

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8. Search For Light

speak out for yourself; it's so challenging today; all I see is struggle; sovereignty fades away; relieve your thoughts and ideas; as best as you might; hold your head up in the sky; and try to gain s...

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9. Sincere

give me a reason, why do you feel that way /; is there any substance to the things you say? /; why pretend to be something you're not? /; just to belong to some cool squad? /; real friends will love y...

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