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1. As The Creatures Ascend

From beneath the blackest shadows; The creatures spawn in rancid decay; In the ground they rest until Hell opens wide; A rotted church of eternal dismay; Beings of lunacy shall rise; To capture their ...

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2. Catacombs Of The Graceless

Fear frozen in the dead eyes; Life has drained from the veins; The hanging woman bothering minds; There is more to it than they know; Gravedigger with a deranged mind; In love with the dead; Wicked wi...

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3. From Their Coffined Slumber

From their coffined slumber, the horrid vampyres rise, Black velvet shrouds draped upon their sultry dead flesh. Through a forgotten cemetery the bewitching two shall lurk, In search of lost souls to ...

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4. Instruments Of Eternal Damnation

Looming cathedrals stand as sentinels; Watching over the unholy legions of man; Self-appointed saviour, religious psychopath; Holy redeemer is unleashing God's wrath; Sadistic saviour on a holy inquis...

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5. Never Cross The Dead

Dark clouds form over the centennial celebration; Destroyed 500 years ago; Return for revenge and unholy desecration; Hordes of templars hunting to kill; Resuscitation her blood is for; The undead hun...

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6. Night Of The Deathcult

Riders from hell on steeds of horror; Roaming the beachside for virgin sacrifice; Chained to the rocks the screams cry out; Unimaginable terrors from the Blind Dead kings; Undead entity of living bone...

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7. Rituals Of Mortal Cremation

Serpents from below the realms; Ascend from your wretched graves; Conjure unholy manifestations; Upon these rituals of mortal cremation; The holy ones are soon to fall; To become our demonic slaves; C...

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8. Terror Castle

Thunder cracks in the dark night sky; Grave robbing fiends unearth the dead (faiend); Under the command of Frankenstein; These are the evil creatures you dread; A twisted plan to resurrect; A beastly ...

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9. The Haunted Ossuary

Moss covered gravestones shroud the unknown; Through the dust and bones you remember decay; Demonic hands pull in your ribcage; And faded burial garments levitate away; The Haunted Ossuary; Contain th...

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10. The House Of Hammer

Welcome to the house that utter horror wrought; Founded upon an appetite for carnage and carnality; Shadowed by a legacy of blackest Gothic terror; Smutted by a shuddersome trade in the morbid; Dwelli...

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