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1. Allergen

You're just a part of my society; Ignorance is always swift to speak; And while you're watching from a distance; You're losing grip of reality; To many voices; Trying to find a way to clear your mind;...

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2. Bridges

I had mastered fate or so I believed; Fate smiled and declared no one masters me; There's no way to tell which direction; I'm going; Sand has a way of leaving footprints engraved; When they wash away ...

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3. Djentle

I've been here for quite some time; It's so repetitive; I need something different; A change for good; Who needs rationality? I need these dreams to turn to reality; There must be a way to escape from...

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4. Eclipse

It's time for you to learn; What is right and wrong; It's getting harder to fall asleep; I'm in trouble; I'm in way to deep; I used to think I was the one with problems; But in reality I'm the one wit...

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5. Glaciers

I've lost the point of no return; And the gravity is going to hold us down; Fate has left us here; The journey we must take on our own; Where we go they cannot follow; And this guiding light will neve...

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6. Mountains

You put your hands on me; Through empty bottles you speak; I won't forgive you; Time after time you let me down; Just a child with high expectations; You won't break me; No matter the circumstance I w...

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7. Origin

All that I did caused and set in motion; Do I have time to make a difference? Or are my choices set in stone; Awaiting the clockwork of seasons to take their place; And at the end of all stories, we w...

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8. Spilled Ink

In a world where no one knows your name; Waiting for times to change; Knowing that you're not alone; You fight to find; We all start out as strangers; We are all connected; We try to reach out; But th...

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9. The Further

Where the future pours into the past by the pinch of now; There is a ticking, where the seconds fade away; The sand in the hourglass will one day pour out; As if looking into a story; That was never m...

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10. Undertow

I can finally admit; That I want to leave it all behind; Caught up in all of these lines; Ill do what's best for me; I'm disappointed in the way that it ends; I want this story to restart; We need a n...

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