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1. All My Life

Someone told me this is life; They ask me how I sleep at night; Sunday mornings don't feel right; Hold your omens, sleep at night; Sleep at night; All my life; I've been loving you; All my life; I've ...

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2. Betterman

I wish that I could let go; But I don't even think about it anymore; I want it cause I said so; Chasing my impulse down you cold, hard road; You should know; That I'm a ticking time bomb; And you're g...

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3. Forever

I'm sorry, our time is up; I know it ain't over, it's just enough; And if you can't call it; Well, I'm offering to control it until it's on again; We know this is not the end; When I see your eyes; I ...

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4. On Again (Feat. Molly Kate Kestner)

Like a shot in the dark; We were lost from the start in camouflage; And you know I can see what you're doing to me; It's sabotage; But the wind in your hair just keeps calling me there; It's natural; ...

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5. Over

I try to feel it inside; But the fire that we had; It's all gone; Sometimes I think about; Why is the sand in the hourglass runs; I try to keep it in line; Maybe I'm just not the one; But you know I w...

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