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1. Anybody Go Hard

Calling all women and children who got that; Mutual feeling you ready to slay the fake shit; This is a ritual killing; So celebrate they demise in fact we; Filming it live I just entered the courtroom...

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2. Burn

[Verse 1:]; Diary of my life on the track; But what I started writing started writing back; And talkin bout my pops and moms; And them blocks and them bombs; Sometimes I wonder who sane, Barack or Sad...

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3. Crazay

[Verse 1:]; Breaking news Breaking news it's the collectors edition; This is the memorabilia; Could've been a star back in 02; Who knew I would; Come back to the grove so stella (r); I'm the feature f...

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4. Cymbals On The Sidewalk

[Intro:]; What if the boulevard could speak, the alleyways could talk; If the blocks were horns and the sidewalks were harps; But before we start, let me give you a warning; The keys and violins are j...

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5. Flying High

[Hook:]; We flying high; Higher than the sky; Way over the bullshit yeah we on some new shit yeah; Flying high, higher than the clouds; We stay above the drama and we and comin down yeah; We flying hi...

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6. Highlight Real

[Verse 1:]; You are now painting pictures with this Picasso; Taking photos with Plato; Writing verses with Van Gogh; Beatboxing with Beethov; Beats are playing possum; They lay low, I'm Angel; But the...

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7. Palin and Bachman (Yeah!)

[Verse 1:]; Yo, this is Art Of War in a drum loop; Wordplay is Kung Fu; Soul music when I come through with that solar panel sunroof; Just so you know I'm so cold (You so cold?); I'm so cold (You so c...

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8. Priceless

[Hook: Khari Lemuel]; This is my life; And life is a picture; Inside a frame, you know; And I love it; These moments are priceless; Cause I've been through it; So when you hear me; Moments like this; ...

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9. Second Chances

[Verse 1: Honors English]; She, she, she wanna be a Dj girl; Cnn mind in a Bet world; To the mirror she said, you can be a celeb; You can be the next Angie Martinez; A friend of a friend heard that sh...

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10. Short Story Long

[Verse 1:]; Na na na na na na na; He ain't wanna' kill mo time; At 8: 45 he put both hands on the 9; It wartime so he let the hollows fly; Now It's easy to kill; But it's hard to watch men die; Now I'...

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11. State Of The Art (Snippet)

[Verse 1: Sunni Patterson]; I'm from a city where not only the skinny nigga; But any nigga can get it, get with it where I'm from; Where poverty and hunger leads to the slaughter of a son or a daughte...

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12. The Name Is

Come with the chedda please; If you wanna schedule me; The name is Honors English; And I'm a fucking beast, uh; 86 Eric B, Celebrity; Tell 'em write the check, check check out to my melody; I'm ahead,...

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13. Unstoppable

[Intro: Tl Cross]; Every time I get your near; I feel it in the atmosphere; King of the world; We can rule the world tonight; We'll be unstoppable; [Verse 1: Honors English]; She hold me down best; 'M...

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