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1. Awake & Alive

We lived by the water; We were raised on the shore; When it got cold we made a fire; To keep us warm; We sat up on the hillside; Where our history was made; We were living our lives; Cradle to the gra...

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2. Diamond Eyes

I don’t know what you did tonight; Did you send a little signal down my way? Cause all I keep thinking is; Everyday every night I wanna get a little bit closer to you babe; Every day every night…I fal...

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3. Found

Lost inside out; I've been down this road before; I'm breathing in and out of my mouth; It tastes like something else; I've waited for all my life; I'm done waiting, now; I'm raising my head, I'm taki...

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4. Half A Day Away

What a shame; You thought we would always be the same; Just like everybody else; But I had those dreams of you and me; On top of the world; So far away; For you to get off of this scene; And I'll wait...

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5. Johnny (Pass Me Another One)

It's Tuesday night; And I head on over to the place where we used to go; I got nothing to show for myself; I'm alone; I got nothing to lose; I got no choices to choose; So I sit down and have me a bee...

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6. Love Lies Awake

We all like to think we got it figured out for a change; And no more confusion, delusion or apathy; So get it right or get it wrong; I don't have the time to keep dragging along; It will be harder whe...

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7. Only In Photographs

I am looking at you now only in photographs; Frozen memories, I hope you?re missing me and so; unhappy; I remember you leaving me all alone; I hope that you will feel lonely forever; I hope that you f...

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8. Somebody Real

Right now a baby draws a very first breath; Right now another is closer to death; Caught up and twisted in this; Life we try to stand before we fall; Right then young love began with one comes a kiss;...

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9. Stuck On Survival

Running round in circles; Knowing that you're going nowhere with your life; Does it bother you that I'm moving on; And everyone's moving by you; They step aside you to remind you; Everything is going ...

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10. The Quiet Sky

Wipe away your dreaming eyes, there’s no need for your disguise today; We can start over; Hope for more down corridors with vacant floors we’ve never seen before; This is something new; We’re taking o...

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11. There You Were

I make my way across the concrete playground; Head on over to the East side of town; Unprepared, I was scared; I didn't know what to say; I feel that I will fall in love with you; It's happening; Stea...

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