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1. Black Crows

Black Crows on the Blue Sky; Always making a mess; And I wake in the morning tangled up in their nest; They're laughing from phone lines; Stealing dreams from my head; It's time to get up now; And I'v...

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2. Bouncing Ball

The streets were all empty; like a bad western movie; and we're stuck calling it home; drinkin to black out days pass and fade; out that's how you know you should go; You sold me on leaving and for no...

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3. Burned Me Out

Oh babe I gotta say; I learned the hard way with you; Yours words like books had me hooked like summer time; Cooking on my mind all the way through; I guess I held on too tight; I broke my fingers on ...

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4. David

It's alright, David, I'm fucked up again; I'm tired of waiting; Of being your friend; Cause you're stuck on the first page and I'm close to the end; So just shut your mouth and pretend; You scream you...

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5. Down By The River

Went down to the banks of the LA river; Had to hop a chain link fence; Concrete walls on the LA river; Water lapping up on the cement; Oh, but I love my new home; Listen to the big city sound; Watchin...

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6. Give Yourself To Me

You looked to me and I looked back, serious as a heart attack, plastic cups and dishes stacked and you. You tell me I drink too much, but I tell you that's just your crutch that comes up when I'm havi...

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7. Little Toy Gun

1 2 3 4; I know you sat alone so many nights waiting for me; Cold, your face like a stone, I hang up the phone when we disagree; Standing there by my side when the fighting is done, glaring at me in t...

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8. Marry Rich

Wish I could grow young; And have my way with time; Oh I'd kiss on the neck the years gone by; Leave my worry to rot; And live my golden years; Chew off the fat of what I am not; Oh I didn't marry ric...

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9. Thursday Night

I'm sittin' here with you tonight.. You make an awful pretty sight.. Since it's just us two tonight, I think that we should screw tonight. ; I'm feelin' kinda stuck tonight.. An old jukebox with a neo...

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